25th DAY OF THE OMER 5772

NETZACH -> NETZACH (endurance/eternity w/in endurance/eternity)
ABOVE -> ABOVE (essential/universal w/in essential/universal)
renewed commitment
endless dishes and laundry
keep on keeping on

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by Pauline Frankenberg

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Day 25 Netzach Sh’ B’ Netzach
Perseverance and Endurance in Perseverance and Endurance
At The Core I Find Quiet Strength
by D’vorah Horn

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Rabbi Margaret Holub’s Omer offering for today:

Find a way to let your values show.

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by Jacqueline Nichholls

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From Rabbi Yael Levy’s  Journey Through the Wilderness:

Today is the twenty-fifth day, making three weeks and four days of the Omer.

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