11th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
-> GEVURAH (endurance w/in strength)
ABOVE -> NORTH (essential/universal w/in vision/mystery)

journeys continue
unpacking and re-packing
dancing in spirals

by Pauline Frankenberg

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Omer Day 11 by D’vorah Horn

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Rabbi Margaret Holub’s Omer offering for today:

Be conscientious about sticking to a decision you’ve made.

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From Rabbi Yael Levy’s   Journey Through the Wilderness:

Today is the eleventh day, making one week and four days of the Omer.

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Please add your Omer Haiku or other offering for today below! 

One response to “DAY 11”

  1. Things that last
    Within things that hold

    Our communications few and far between
    And yet
    When I arrive at your doorstep
    Dinner is ready, a place set for me,
    And our hearts warm,
    As if we had never finished the last

    Netzach sh’b’gevuarh
    The 11 th gate

    By e.r. Hurvich
    In “Omer / Teshiva” by Shifra Tobacman


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